Building a career is about more than work – focus on building a good foundation for your physical, mental, emotional and financial wellbeing

FirstRand believes that a thriving organisation requires a happy, healthy and productive employees and recognises that building a career requires hard work and commitment. The group therefore provides a holistic wellbeing offering to enable you to balance your work commitments with physical, mental and emotional resilience. The group's wellbeing programme can be accessed wherever you work within the group and covers the following four dimensions:

  • Physical health

    (wellbeing centres, emergency services, gyms, ergonomics, health initiatives, travel clinic, medicals)

  • Psychosocial health

    (counselling services, financial wellbeing, managing stress and work-life balance)

  • Disability management

    (medical review, reasonable accommodation recommendations, case management, training and awareness, disability benefits)

  • Illness and absence

    (Identifying trends, reporting, case management, etc.)