First National Bank

Serving retail and commercial customers, FNB is so much more than a bank.

At its core, FNB is on a journey to build long-term relationships with people, companies and communities. So, it is about delivering social capital, not just money.

There are insurance offerings, innovative savings and investment products, and a digital universe of solutions that help customers navigate the uphill in life, like renewing their ID or car licence disk.

Yes, FNB has the best app, and it has a globally recognised rewards system, eBucks, which customers love.

Yes, FNB has won multiple awards – for being cool (pretty unexpected for a banking brand 😊), for being innovative, for being ahead of the game.

These outcomes don’t just happen – people make it happen!

So yes! FNB represents multiple opportunities for you to build a career. Especially if you think money should be put to work to change people’s lives, in an authentic, profound and sustainable way.